I was born in small city of middle China, but living in Shanghai now.




2000S 迷失,求索,愤怒,生命的价值

2010s sharism 和更多人分享我们的迷茫,揭示更多的真相,探寻未来的方向。


I am wondering whether I shall maintain a bilingual website or separately submit my views in English and Chinese in 2 domain websites.  It is a dilemma because I am not sure by now who will visit my website.

My LR Aim:
To be one of top China digital and economics bloggers, who are able to efficiently share views via the powerful social media (Web2), instead of those traditional media.
To be one of the best social media bloggers who can publicly share rational views on China economy.

My SR Aim:
Find a damn job, whatever, wherever, as long as it meets the basic local salary level at the beginning until I prove my value.

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